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Welcome to Richmond Piano School

Discover the joy of piano with Richmond Piano School! We offer top-tier, personalised piano lessons for all - from curious beginners to seasoned pianists. Our teaching approach marries the precision and depth of the renowned Russian System with the adaptability of modern methods. This ensures a tailored program that fits your unique needs, helping to craft flawless piano techniques and a vibrant tonal quality. 

We are proud of our students' success in preparing for the globally recognised ABRSM and Trinity exams. More than just exams, we believe in the thrill of performance. We provide ample opportunities for our students to shine in concerts as proud winners, bagging gold medals and first-place trophies!

While our school can be a stepping stone to a professional carrier, we also cherish the joy of playing for leisure. We specialised in classical music, but embrace the variety of jazz and pop, accompanied by comprehensive lessons in music theory and history. 

At Richmond Piano School, we ensure that every lessons is engaging, friendly and fun, while maintaining a steady progression. We strive to help each student not only benefit from their lessons but also relish playing the style of music they love. Let's hit the right notes together at Richmond Piano School! 

What other reasons can you have for learning to play the piano?

Many studies have shown that music can help with language skills, develop and maintain fine motor skills, boost memory and even improve overall IQ. Music also helps with confidence and concentration, especially when performing in front of others. Our methodology is based on those facts, as we try to encourage the body and mind to work together in order to achieve the great feeling of musical fulfilment. And, we believe that everybody is capable of achieving this goal!

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