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See videos from Chritmas Concert
Welcome to Richmond Piano School 
Join us for piano, theory, jazz lessons and much more! 

"Without music, life would be a mistake."
  F. Nietzsche

Huge Congratulations to our student
Carina and her teacher Vesna. They won GOLD in the International Competition Art-In in Macedonia!
Fantastic Summer Concerts with some unforgettable performances.
Ethan had a standing ovation for his piano and violin performance.
He is moving to the Royal College of Music now! Big Congratulations! 

Discover the joy of piano with Richmond Piano school! We offer top-tier, personalised piano lessons for all - from curious beginners to seasoned pianists. Our teaching approach marries the precision and depth of the renowned Russian System with the adaptability of modern methods. This ensures a tailored program that fits your unique needs, helping to craft flawless piano technique and a vibrant tonal quality...         read more

Parents' testimonials and comments, from festivals and exams:

"My 9 year old son Krish is taking piano and theory lessons at the Richmond Piano School. In a short span of time he has completed his grade 5 piano exam with Distinction. The teachers at Richmond piano school are skilled and knowledgeable. Thanks very much to both Alena and Natalia. I would strongly recommend this school.”
Nischal Arora


Yes, bravo Nicole, this was all rather elegant.” – the winner of Gold medal at the Marlow

Festival of Music and Drama

“This was really something for someone of such limited years!” – the winner of Silver medal

at Marlow Festival of Music and Drama

“A beautifully prepared exam – well done”- grade 2 student, achieved distinction

"Thanks for organising a very special Christmas concert. Coralie and Rose really appreciated the opportunity and it was a real experience for them to know they could perform in front of a crowd despite not playing for that long. And it's inspiring to see all the other children playing. Thanks for all the effort that must go into preparing for this, and the kind gifts for the children. Both girls are very much enjoying learning the piano with Natalia, and look forward to their lessons every week."

Vivienne Gillan


Richmond Piano School and Twickenham Academy of Dance are proud to announce their strategic partnership

"We are both passionate about music and the arts and want to continue to grow and teach more people of all ages the benefits of dance, piano and performance. As businesses owned and run by local businesswomen, we are keen to collaborate with one another to reach more people."
Sarah Simmons and Alena Fletcher

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